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Wine in Valtenesi

Wine in Valtenesi

Valtenesi is a beautiful place with over ten thousand years of historical heritage. It stretches out from Lake Garda to the Alps right next to the province of Brescia and it is a home of great wine and delicate and light olive oil. It is a perfect place for a family vacation with a pleasant feel of home atmosphere where you can get a peace of mind. This extremely fertile area had given perfect conditions for cultivating some of the finest wines in Italy. Sunny climate and a light breeze are nurturing the vineyards of Valtenesi for almost 600 years now.

Wine cellars located around this area breathe with symbiosis of tradition, technology and passion. Here you can taste some of the most renowned wines in Italy which have, over the years, won numerous awards.

The wines of Valtenesi area can be traced back to these families:

  • Lugana DOC
  • Garda Classico DOC
  • Groppello
  • San Martino della Battaglia DOC

Beautiful red wines are slowly aged in casks made of Slavonian oak and Limousine oak, while the sparkling wine and fragrant white wine are prepared in large steel tanks. Every autumn, people of this area celebrate the harvest with the Scents of Must (Profumi di Mosto) festival. This beautiful event of wine and food takes place near the moraine hills of Lake Garda, where each winery will offer wine testing along with the traditional dishes prepared by the finest chefs in the area.