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San Martino and Solferino

San Martino and Solferino

Today we speak about the "Torre di San Martino" (Tower of San Martino) and the "Rocca di Solferino", two beautiful places full of history, charm and beauty. Here, everything revolves around the date of June 24, 1859, the day when there was the famous battle in Solferino and in San Martino.

The Tower and the San Martino Museum
The Tower of San Martino can now be visited to admire its splendid panoramic view of the village. On the platform of the tower you look across the country, the city and overlooks the mountains of north Italy. In good weather from the tower you can see the vineyards in the surrounding area. It's also nice to see the history in the rooms where important historical events took place. The museum is located just behind the tower. It's a place of peace and security. Of course, also the climb to the tower has its own charm. Here you can also visit the "ossuary chapel of St. Martin".

The Fortress and the Museum of Solferino
The "Rocca di Solferino", which is also known as the "spia d'Italia" (spy of Italy), is formed by a mountain with a large building. The mountain is the highest in the province of Mantua and it was purchased in 1315 with the castle of Rinaldo Bonacolsi. The Rocca, after a period of neglect, has undergone major renovations in 1870, when it became a museum. It was in 2011, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Italy, which has been restored again. To visit also the "ossuary chapel of San Martino" and the "Memorial of the Red Cross".

Next events
June 26, 2016 at 17:00 in San Martino: Commemoration of the battle

Photos provided by: Friends of the Museums of Solferino and San Martino