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The Limonaia - more than just a testimony

The Limonaia - more than just a testimony

The lemon greenhouse, called also "limonaia" in Italian, is a typical place of Lake Garda.  "Pra de la Fam" in Tignale on Lake Garda is the most important and best preserved greenhouse in the region and is located directly at the port of Tignale. In this dream location, the strange-looking building attracts tourists not only in the summer. Anyone who stays on Lake Garda can spend a nice day in Tignale and learn all about the cultivation of lemons. The picturesque town itself is already worth a visit and the greenhouse is centrally located at the harbor near the center. Guided tours show in detail how the cultivation of the plants was mastered and which special features had to be taken into account. Of course, fresh lemons can also be admired on the trees. After the tour through the ornamental garden, in most cases there will be a tasting session that highlights the local products in connection with the lemons. Here new recipes can be discovered. After this experience, the day can end in the best manner on Lake Garda under the palm trees with the soothing sounds of the lake.

The citrus cultivation on Lake Garda
In the 13th century, the cultivation of citrus plants came to Lake Garda. The origins lie in Asia, but in Italy, a significant trade in the fruits was soon generated. The greenhouses, which are now characteristic of the area, were created during this period, as the precious plants were to be protected from the cold in winter. Working as a gardener replaced other professions of the time, since better yields could be achieved here. Economically speaking, this new product benefited and gave Lake Garda and its residents new wealth.

'The large buildings are a testament to the flourishing economic era of bygone days. The places on Lake Garda have also discovered the lemon greenhouses as touristy points of interest and it is currently invested a lot of time and work to make these orangeries again usable. It is not the cultivation and production in the foreground. It's about telling the story of the greenhouses and integrating them into today's landscape. Numerous efforts with tastings and lectures to bring life into the greenhouses has promoted the interest.

The main limonaie on Lake Garda

  • Limonaia Pra de la Fam (in Tignale)
    Opening hours 2018 from 25 March to 31 October 2018, 10.00 - 17.00
  • Limonaia del Castel (in Limone sul Garda)
  • Limonaia La Malora (in Gargnano)
    Open every day from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00